The Origin Story Behind SwitchPod

Hey There!
We're Caleb Wojcik & Pat Flynn

We invented SwitchPod through two years of prototyping, getting feedback from video creators, and crowdfunding money to make the first batch on Kickstarter. 

We are video creators too

We're not a massive company with offices all over the world. We're just two creators who were annoyed with the options out there to hold our cameras when we film. 


In 2017 we attended a video conference where we painfully watched YouTubers and vloggers struggle to transition from filming themselves to setting down their incredibly expensive equipment with bendy tripods everyone was using.

“Don’t tip over, don’t tip over, don’t tip over…”

Creators were using a piece of gear that had been repurposed into something it wasn’t built for. It was cumbersome, time consuming, and honestly kinda hard to watch.

But We realized it wasn't just us

We thought there had to be a better way to hold a camera in front of you and then set it down like a tripod, but we couldn't find one. 

So we got to work

As two entrepreneurs used to solving our own problems, we started working on a solution.

Fourteen months later, at the start of 2019, SwitchPod launched on Kickstarter. We were successfully funded at $100,000 in 12 hours, went on to raise over $415,000 during the campaign, and started shipping to thousands of customers 6 months later.

And We're just getting started

Our tripod was just the beginning. As we work on more products for creators we're always trying to simplify the creative process.

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Our Design Pricinples


Our products are designed to last and withstand heavy-weighted rigs. Not necessarily because we believe you’re always filming with Hollywood level equipment, but because whatever gear you use is precious to you and we want to protect it.


Filming is a process. Your setup shouldn’t be. We want to make creating videos easier so that you can go from 0 to filming in seconds if you’d like. Remember, we’re creators ourselves, and the less messing with our setups, the better. 


We’re always on the go and we wanted to make packing, carrying, and pocketing your gear that much easier. No more wondering if you can fit it in your bag with the rest of your gear.