We're Now Shipping SwitchPods!

We're Now Shipping SwitchPods!

It’s been 191 days since the end of our SwitchPod Kickstarter campaign and we are so excited to say that we are starting ship SwitchPods to our backers TODAY!  

You should receive your SwitchPod this week if you live in the US and shortly thereafter if you live internationally. Please bear with us for international deliveries as we are at the mercy of each country’s customs process.  

Thank You

SwitchPod would not have been possible without you, an incredible group of people, we continue to be so thankful for. Your support and excitement made this happen. It’s been a crazy 9 months and we’ve learned so much from the process and from all of you. 

We originally estimated we’d need 6 months to manufacture and ship the first batch by the end of September. Your overwhelming support (and needing to make over 5,000) meant it took 6 months and 1 week to ship. SO CLOSE!

Thank you for your patience waiting for us to perfect SwitchPod. We think you’ll love it and it will be worth the wait.

Thank you to all 4,148 of you. 

Getting Started with Your SwitchPod

We put together a little 3 minute video to walk you through how to use a SwitchPod. 

In this video we show:
  • how to screw your camera on the proper direction
  • how to attach a phone
  • how to use it with a ball head
  • how to mount accessories
  • many other tips & tricks

Thank You Again

And finally, once again, thank you. This idea could have easily become just another one of those ideas that collects dust and never sees the light of day. But after two years since our idea was born, it's so obvious to us that none of this would have ever happened without you. 

Your support, your advice, and your creations are what kept us going, and we're excited to see you holding your SwitchPod and using it to create something amazing.

When you get your SwitchPod, please use #SwitchPod when sharing on social media. You can also tag us on Instagram @switchpod_ or on Twitter @switchpod.


Caleb Wojcik & Pat Flynn