SwitchPod Kickstarter Launch Day & Being Funded in 12 Hours

SwitchPod Kickstarter Launch Day & Being Funded in 12 Hours


Where to start?

This morning at 9 am we launched SwitchPod on Kickstarter.

We've been working hard for the last 14 months to bring this product to life. It's a product that we truly believe will solve a problem for a lot of people in our industry.

We knew it would be exciting to hit publish and to make the campaign live this morning. But little did we know that for the last 14 months we were sitting in the roller coaster car, climbing to the top, and that making the page live would be that quiet moment just before the car gets to the top and the ride begins. 

We've been running on that roller coaster adrenaline all day!

In the first 20 minutes we'd already reached 20% of our goal. Messages and emails were pouring in and it was all we could do to keep up.

As the day went on friends in the industry chimed in with videos of their own. Thank you to Levi Allen, Dave Altizer, and Peter McKinnon for supporting the launch of the campaign today.  

You can watch each of their videos below.

12 hours in we hit our goal of $100,000! We are going to get to make SwitchPod come to life! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the support leading up to today, it’s really meant a lot to us and has inspired us along the way.

If you want to see a little behind the scenes of launch day be sure to check out the video below. 


Just a few quick things about the campaign launch while we’ve still got you:

  1. We are offering early bird pricing! The first 750 people who purchase a SwitchPod will snag one at a discount.

  2. After the first 750, the price for one will bump up a bit for the rest of the campaign.

  3. We are offering bundles in 2 packs and 5 packs if you’d like to purchase more than one.

  4. You can find the campaign on Kickstarter from now through March 30th, 2019, but if I were you, I’d try to hurry over for that early bird price. ;)

Thank you again for coming on this wild ride with us. We can't wait to see how it goes.

- Caleb Wojcik & Pat Flynn