Our Newest Product & Selling Out of Stock

Our Newest Product & Selling Out of Stock

First off. Thank you.

Your early support last year enabled us to bring SwitchPod to life and ship over 10,000 tripods all over the world in less than 15 months after our campaign ended. We’re incredibly grateful for your continued support.

What’s New & Back in Stock

After reinvesting every dollar we raised with your help on Kickstarter into starting manufacturing and building up our inventory we completely sold out this month!

But don’t fret, all of our products are now back in stock.

We’ve also been hard at work listening to our backers and early customers since we launched on Kickstarter and we have some exciting updates for you!

Our Ball Head

When we launched on Kickstarter the number one question asked was if we also made a ball head. At the time, we hadn’t. We wanted to get SwitchPod in your hands as fast as possible and working on a ball head made that very not possible.

We didn’t want to add just any old ball head to the top of SwitchPod.

We worked with our factory to make a ball head that holds heavy camera set ups in place without sagging, only has one knob to loosen or tighten, and tilts vertically to a 90 degree position. We wanted it to be stronger, faster, and slimmer than the others out there.

If you were an early backer and you wish your SwitchPod had a bit more flexibility or height, check out our ball head.

Our New SmartPhone Adapter

We’ve also added a simple, no frills smartphone adapter for sale.

So many of us film on our phones, why not make it easier to use your phone with SwitchPod? It’s small, simple, and holds even the biggest phones.

SwitchPod is Even More Durable

We’ve made some minor improvements to the SwitchPod and it is even stronger and more durable than it was when we launched thanks to some valuable feedback from you our backers.

We’ve strengthened the tightening knob to an even stronger metal and we’ve enhanced the design on the rubber feet to last longer and be less likely pop off after extended use.

If you've been wanting another SwitchPod or to enhance the one you have, now's the time.

We’d love to see your SwitchPod setup in the wild too, be sure to tag us on Instagram or Twitter so we can share it!